Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing to lose which won't grow back

I was down in Sconnie Land last night running with the Lapham gang. I told BrotherGrub "I am doing it. I have nothing to lose." He responded by saying "execpt for toe nails, skin, etc.". I clarified by saying "Okay, nothing to lose which won't grow back".

I signed up for Sawtooth 100 Mile last night.

I was supposed to be crewing up there, but those plans changed. And now with 4 weeks left, I need to get my butt in gear.

The Pros
* I will be down to my lightest weight in years, or ever by race date (goal is 165.... I was around 180 for Ice Age this year)
* I have been loosely following the Pale Diet again, and my body back to burning fat instead of glycogen. This, I believe, could be me key to solve my stomach problems
* I just feel good. I may not be "trained", but training for that race does not improve your chances all that much.
* Have a chance to relive the epice battle between me, Grub, and Bero.

The Cons
* Could crash and burn (but that is true with any 100)
* Bees
* fill in the blank

I am going up there to have fun. I know the course, I know the race, I know the strategy, I think I could get to finish line. I just might take 35 hours.

Nothing like coming back in style. Leaving the blue tarp at home


Adam said...

BP and I were just talking about you the other day. I'm still leaning on him to sign up! It'll be great to see you up there and share the trail with you again.

Good luck with the Paleo diet, I try to lean that way, although somewhat unsuccessfully.

SteveQ said...

Bon Chance! (oops, channeling Pierre Ostor) I got to where I knew I could finish the thing... and then the desire to do it went away, because I knew I could do it, but not well. I'll probably do a stint at an aid station, if I don't end up crewing.

Brian said... are a brave man for going back for round it. I can't wait to see you guys grinding it out up there this year.

johnmaas said...

So cool to hear that you are going to do it again!
Bees... I still can't get that picture of your "bee bubble" out of my head lol.
I'll be up there volunteering this year.
Best of luck to ya!

Ross said...

I just signed up myself. I liked your comment " I may not be "trained", but training for that race does not improve your chances all that much." as I am not properly trained either.

Scott said...

Posts like this help me lean towards commitment - it truly is tough to get ready for that course. I keep going back and forth waiting for the go-for-it to kick in. Thanks for this.