Monday, August 1, 2011

More Bumber Sticker Fun

I probably should have done some calculations and figured that a lot of my friends have those 26.2, 13.1, etc. stickers on their cars. Sorry if I pissed you off.

Chris, I have no beef, I just am not into bumper stickers in general.

My wife wanted to put our church sticker on my car (Eagle Brook), which is fine, but what does that actually achieve. If I am going to witness the gospel of Christ, it aint' gonna happen in traffic with the person behind me going "...... okay.... I BELIEVE!". I would rather do it in person.

I kind of get the ones that only a few people would get. Like.... a sticker showing 102.6

Only a select few would get it, and appreciate it.

But.... I only said "I don't get it", not "I hate them"

My bigger beef is with political bumper stickers. Has anybody ever changed their political view based on a bumper sticker? In fact, when I see a lot of bumper stickers on a car expressing a point of view, I usually figure the person is not very happy.

I used to have a Bucknell sticker on my car. Of course, Steve Q asked "Did you go there?" My response was the classic "No, it came with the car when I bought it. Too lazy to scrape it off." I finally did a year or 2 ago.

I don't put my Alma Matter on because I figure nobody gives a crap about where I went to school, so I don't put that sticker on.

Hmmm bumper stickers......

When the Ice Age car pool met up this year, we commented on Julie B's "Ultra" sticker in the white oval. She said "I didn't even put that on". Now that's funny. But she has one of the cooler license plates reading "RUN ON".

So what to do with bumper stickers? I get the comradery thing, but most people I run into in public would not equate 50K with distance. "50" would be even more confusing, and 102.6....... Avagadro's number?


So Voyageur 50M was this weekend. People say it was hot, but what is new? IT IS ALWAYS HOT FOR THAT RACE! Once was enough for me. I still think that it is harder than Superior 50. It may be faster, but the suffering component is way higher.

The Patten/BrotherGrub race to the finish a few years back is looking better and better. There is still debate as to who actually won.

I give a huge Kudos to all who showed up to the start. That is a bear of a race.

I chose not to go as I was in Denver the prior 7 days. Got to do some awesome hiking, rode an Alpine Slide in Breckenridge, and just got to hang out with the eldest boy.

I had to work as well, but I kind of enjoy my work. Ironically, my most productive time was the cocktail reception after a trade show. I guess it is better than real work.


Currently focusing on shedding a few pounds and getting my strength and conditioning back up to potentially do a fall ultra.

Down to 170 from almost 180 at Ice Age. Ouch


nwgdc said...

I've got a 26.2 sticker on my vehicle, and I think you're overestimating the amount of people out there who have any idea what even THAT number stands for.
And, I'm in complete agreement on the political bumper's like the yard signs. I'm not sure I know anyone who drives around a neighborhood and then decides how to vote. All the yard sign does is give people an elevated blood pressure or some kind of false confidence that "their guy is going to win because he has more yard signs!"
I also have a "fish" on my car, mostly as a reminder to stay calm when I'm experiencing some road rage.
I'm 1/3 of the way to an LPTR sticker...and once I get that thing, all the other stickers are coming off!

Queenie said...

I agree with the political bumper sticker statement. I think people who are riding around withe someone who did not get elected look dumb.

I have a "run." magnet on my car. I think getting a magnet is the only way to go because if I ever decide that I don't want it, then I'll just take it off.

SteveQ said...

Eagle Brook??? Which campus, Mounds View or Centerville (I know it's not White Bear or I would've seen you at some point)? I could never attend a church that size, myself, but obviously thousands agree with you.

I've always wanted the personalized plate: '-'--, partly because I've been called a "lying eff," but mostly because if I flee a crime scene, I want someone telling the cops that the plate was "up, over, ummm..."

brothergrub said...

Check the results MP... Brother Grub by a chin. :-)

Matthew Patten said...

I have a picture which CLEARLY shows me crossing the line before BrotherGrub.

I don't know who you paid off to get the stats in your favor, but I put on the final push to the finish and won.


brothergrub said...