Friday, September 17, 2010

The Mistake of the Bully

Whenever I see or hear about bullies in my kid's schools, I feel a certain amount of rage build up internally in me. I have an intense hatred towards those who push people around just because they can. I especially hate it when I see kids do it to those younger than them who can not defend themselves'.

Yeah, it is probably deep rooted issues from my childhood. Blah, blah, blah.

I made a bully really mad this week. It was great. I think what really made this person mad was the fact that I was not intimidated by him. I just sat and listened, disagreed, and said "I understand where you are coming from, but that does not change where I stand". This person is used to getting his way, and got seriously pissed off when he didn't.

I felt like saying "Dude, let's settle this on the trails" but I don't think he would have understood.

The mistake he made was getting comfortable in his ability, believing his own hype, and showing off in front of his freinds. I held the professional line, and gave him every opportunity to not look defeated, but this is a person who is used to getting his way.

One of the things I have found unique about trail runners, and ultra runners (in gerenal) is their humbleness. I think it comes down to them knowing that anything can happen in a long race, and that intimidation doesn't do squat to a seasoned ultra competitor.

Pounding through rough races also builds up a mental toughness which absolutely transferrs to the real world. I actually thought at point point during the above mentioned interaction "I can sustain this punishment for 30+ hours straight.... you have underestimated your opponent".

So yes, another strech of an analogy with running, but at least another post.

Oh yeah, I didn't run at all this week. I just didn't happen. I have had thougths that my ultra days could be over. Not that it is a big deal, I am just not fired up like I used to be. Maybe it is because I enjoy my job and family life enough where that void has now been filled.

I have no desire to suffer through 30+ miles of trail racing anytime in the near future.

We will see. A few more months of me being the "road warrior" and I will need the fix.

Check out The Lawyer. She is back from a sabbatical. Welcome back, and happy racing.

By the way, Friday night at 9 in the Milwaukee airport IS the definition of fun.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Thanks for the shout out! :-)

chris mcpeake said...

Dont worry you will get urge to get back to ultras soon enough. It just takes a few months to forget the pain while you remember the fun.

SteveQ said...

I grew up with two bullies in my family - not many family reunions any more because of it! At my 25th high school reunion, I ran into the guy who'd been a horrible bully; nice to see he's resolved his sexual identity and has become a rather okay guy...

I haven't run for a week because I physically can't. The desire to hit the trails just keeps getting stronger, the longer I have to wait.

Julie said...

Hi Matt,
I feel the same way about people who are bullies! When I was in high school I always stood up for the weakest link....I had something to say to the a$$ who thought that they were so funny and superior! It is such a shame that people need to bring other people down to feel good about them selves!

Good luck with the warrior races:)