Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Straight Cash Homey

Just when you thought it was all over.... the notorious boy comes back.

Yes, this is a running blog, but I have contemplated changing the name to "Straight Cash Homey" in honor of the return of Randy Moss.

In case you don't remember, check out this and this.

I equate Randy to John Mcenroe. Without these guys, their sports would be a lot duller (more dull?).

Mcenroe even said it in an interview.

Glad to have Randy back. I personally liked the "I play when I wanna Play" and "that's chump change" myself.


Austin, Tx has some nice running trails. Houston does not.

Thanks Lapham boys & girls for a great run last week.


Great job TCM runners on Sunday. Caught a bunch at mile 24. Nothing like watching Helen run by with a sign of Budweiser and Bailey's.

Straight Cash Homegirl


SteveQ said...

First Favre comes to camp late, so we lose a game or two because the receivers have never met him. Now we bring in Moss, so they can screw up two games trying to figure each other out. Given that I dislike both so much, I fully expect the Vikings will find a way to bring in Michael Vick to replace an injured Favre in two weeks, increasing the "ick" factor and allowing two more games to get to start-of-season position.

Here endeth the rant. Back to hating the Yankees.

Matthew Patten said...


Vick got pounded on Sunday and is injured.

No such luck

the dogs are safe for now