Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The answer to the quiz

Steve Q got it right.

A - This picture was taken in Chamonix, France (pronounced Ch-a-mo-nicks for the American foooonetic spelling)

B - It is the start of the Mont Blanc Ultra Marathon (Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc)

C - You should be looking for Dave Ruttum, fellow LPTR dude, and rising star on the Ultra scene. Correct that, he is a star.

Coming off a win at Old Dominion 100 this year, a 4th place at the Ice Age 50 Mile (behind 3 of the top runners in the country), I would stay he is.... not slow.

Great race report here on the Lapham blog.

And here are two more pictures Dave sent along. Amazing stuff

I picked that first picture for a quiz because it reminded of the search books I read with my youngest.

And in case you want to try and find him, here is a picture of him before Ice age (the tall guy in the middle.

Great job Dave


nwgdc said...

i actually just emailed the LPTR group about an upcoming weekend. any chance you're in mke the the weekend of the 25th?

SteveQ said...

Ruttum might be the blurred head with the white and red headgear in that photo.

@Nic: what gives with your blog?

Julie said...

Wow, France! Awesome pictures:) I would love to run in France too! It looks so beautiful!