Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where's Waldo?

A little challenge for you all

See if you can

A - Figure out where the heck this is
B - What the heck it is
C - If you can find someone you know (I can't find the person I think I am supposed to)

Enjoy...... (Pinche F, you are not allowed to chime in)


brothergrub said...

Is it the Mukwonago Village Run 5k?!

Julie said...

I have no idea? Not even a clue:) I am expecting you to share the answer in your next post!

I hope that you are doing well and life is treating you good:) Take care!

SteveQ said...

It's the beginning of the UTMB in France (I knew it, but clicking on the picture shows the address and that gives it away). As for whom, I don't know - don't see anybody I know who was there.

arcteryx said...

I remember that "where's waldo" game, we used it in one of our projects in schools. Nice one! Lot of crowds, though I don't see anybody that I know was there.

zbsports said...

Nice picture so are a lot of participants there, seems the event is great.

vibram said...

Lots of participants, i guess the event was successful..