Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zumbro update

Well... call it a training run.

I pulled the plug at 52 or 53. Real bad stomach problems.

The consensus is real bad dehydration. Couldn't get the right balance of electrolytes.

Two 100s in a row I had to drop because of stomach issues.

I might be on the fence with Kettle now. This is not how I want to be competing.

Thanks to everybody for the emails and support.

Looks like Brad Birkholz is the new sheriff in town (aside from Storkamp).

Report to follow when I get my head back in line.


Julie said...

Hi Matt,
I am glad to hear that you are okay:) I know all about GI issues!! Hang in there!

Psyche said...

Hi, Matt
I know you're disappointed, but don't make any decisions about the future 'til you get your head back.

I know it sounds lame, but every experience is valuable for what you learn from it.

I think you're a major stud for completing 52-53 miles PERIOD. Even studlier doing it in obvious distress. You ROCK. Can't wait for the report.

brothergrub said...

Sucks to be betrayed by your own body...

This should cheer you up - At Chippewa they were giving t-shirts out that said, "I Beat Matt Long" to anyone who finished in front of him!?! Egnarski got one! Matt had a good time with it too - heard he stopped just short of the finish line and let a bunch more people earn shirts...too funny!

Steve said...

Bummer, Matt. Despite the GI issues, how did the legs feel? I wouldn't doubt your abilities because of an electrolyte issue. Figure it out and keep on training. I had the same problem last year at Zumbro and have since conquered the hydration beast. You can do it too!

budducci said...


It was good running with you for a bit this weekend. I feel your pain.


SteveQ said...

When the temperature started to climb, I was thinking it wasn't your favorite kind of weather. You went 52-53 more miles than I did Friday!