Thursday, April 8, 2010

Final Notes

First off, a big shout out and a get well soon to my friend sitting in a hospital bed in the Cayman Islands. You picked a real bad time for a ruptured appendix.

I can see him now asking the doctor if the I.V. conforms to the Paleo Diet.

Get well soon.


There is no webcast or live updating for this race. But, Scott and I might try to "Twitter" some updates. I saw might, because we have tried this in the past, and has not worked out too well.

Scott can be found on twitter as "runlikemonkey", and I can be found by my name or "kettlefans". At the end of any tweet, we will try to put a "#zumbro100". If you click on that, it will show all tweets which has that tag.

Problem is, coverage only works up on the ridges, and I would have to carry my blackberry. I might opt not to do that.

If you are my "friend" on facebook I might do 1-2 status updates. I will keep it cryptic as to not shove what I am doing in the face on my non running friends. (You see, my wife wants to know I am okay. I figure if I update around 10pm with a "doing fine, still alive, xxx miles, Storkamp pounding us" she will fell better).


For those coming down to volunteer or pace, maybe try to find the video camera I brought down. I will give it to Bill P, and hopefully it will float around the race and capture everybody at different times. I have three 1 hour tapes, and a charger for it. Save at least one tape for the night. I hope to compile some kind of movie with that.


Very glad to see Brent is back from the dead, and ready to rock. He ran Superior 2 years ago faster than the course record at Zumbro. Impressive.

I predict a breakthrough race for Zach. He's gamed me on the last 2, so I have to catch back up.

The Fastest Matt decided to bow out for a couple of reasons (smart reasons). I am bummed not to have a Matt to race against. And it doesn't count if you are the only Matt. I will have to wait until another day to race a faster Matt. (I still have this idea that Long will show up on a whim).


Great job to Craig Swarthout of the Lapham Peak gang. He was one of the Sausages in the relay for the Brewers opening day. He ran 1.1 miles in that suit. Rumor has it he will run Ice Age in it. You can see a report and slide show here. He was not the one who got run over. I think he was the Brat.


Good luck to the Chippewa 50K runners (especially you, Wilson). And good luck on T.F.H.

So that is it. Thanks for all of you who have sent emails, who read this, and are just supportive in general. I almost ditched this blog back in December, but had fun documenting this training cycle.

And remember, this is just a training run.

Does anybody buy that?


Julie said...

Hi Matt,
Good luck at Zumbro!!! You can totally do this:) Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Julie said...

Oops,I mean DNF:)

Dave said...

Hi Matt,

Run strong this weekend and do not let the "demon Matt" inside of you take over- remember you are strong and need to get ready for the Kettles this May and June! On Wisconsin!

Londell said...

Make Minnesota and all the Matt's of the world...

Psyche said...

Good luck to you! I can't wait to hear about it all!