Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Wager for Ice Age

On the Crossfit Endurance websit today (you have to look a day back because they already have tomorrows up), there is a picture of my internet buddy Brandon at the start of the Bull Run 50 Mile trail race this weekend. Brandon owns his own Crossfit gym in Indiana and, as far as I can tell, is pretty much a bad ass.

6 months ago, he was not a runner. Like... never had run more than a lap or so around a track (feel free to correct this, Brandon). I think it was Senator Brett who challenged him to do an endurance run, putting CFE to the test. In true bad ass fashion, he goes from never running to a 50 Miler in 6 months. He successfully completed it this weekend. Great job Brandon. Here is where the debate comes in.

The workout of the day (or rest) has a photo and sometimes something to ponder and respond to. Todays was politically based, but people also were responding to a new running tackling a 50 Miler. So between the Obama lovers and haters, there was a little smack talk towards Brandon.

Someone named "E.P." actually stated that Brandon would have done a lot better following a traditional training method of "Long Slow Distance" (LSD). Whatever you feel about this subject, I found it rather audacious that someone was speaking from a standpoint of absolutes. I also got a little defensive for Brandon.

So I chimed in. Instead of repeating stuff others already had, I offered up a challenge. E.P. had basically brought up the question I brought up in January. "Can Crossfit Endurance take a good endurance athlete and make them better?" . What I was really thinking is... if the weather cooperates at Kettle.... could I improve? on this?

Well, E.P. basically said that it can't be done.

So I offered up a wager. Considering all of the variables for Kettle, and my recent performance (okay, lack there of), I decided to put the cards on the table for Ice Age. Since this will be my 4th year in a row, it is a great test race.

Here is the wager:

I PR at Ice Age (faster than 8:41) and E.P. has to wear a skirt at his next race.
If I don't, I do the same (I might have to make it a race after Kettle, because I am not sure how I would do that). But... I have no intentions of losing.

So the game is on. We have to pove it with pictures. Now that AH is recovering from some carribian butcher, I need someone else to do stupid bets with.

Ice Age will be fun.

Todd Braje is signed up. And I know of a few who will want to make him work for it. Hope they have fire extinguishers at the aid stations for the flaming shoes. Check out his times last year. That is some fast runnin'


Thanks for all of the supportive comments about Zumbro. I recovered quickly, but my knee is still a little off. I will probably be back at it tomororw.

I retrospect, I remember saying "I wish there were a 100k again this year. 100M just tears you up for the spring races." Maybe the drop was a blessing in disguise.

Talking to another runner this week on the phone, we kind of laughed at the idea of running an April 100. What were we thinking?

"We" are not rational people. It's the adventure we are after.


nwgdc said...

I'm looking forward to Ice Age. Not running...but being there.

Also, I'm stealing that last sentence, using it on my blog, and NOT referencing you. That is a GREAT LINE!

Anonymous said...

I'm recovering well so the bets will be back on before you know it. Funny, the small private hospital in Cayman provided care that any patient in the US would be envious of. I would definitely recommend researching healthcare facilities prior to traveling outside the country though, not a fun position to be in!


Steve said...

Looking forward to seeing you at Ice Age, Matt. I'm sure you'll smoke it. I'll hauling water to the aid stations. Hope we cross paths!

P.S. Adam, recover soon Paleo brother!

Zach said...

I think doing a 100 in April is perfectly consistent with the irrationality of our beloved sport. :)

As for training methods, whatever one enjoys doing and gets them to the start line and across the finish line is cool by me!


P.S. My knee is sore too. I feel like the main thing I was out of shape for was the terrain. Of all the things I didn't do this winter, running on technical trails was on top of the list.

brothergrub said...

Tell E.P. to shave his legs... You'll be well under 8:41...