Thursday, September 3, 2009

The goofy things you do before a race

Everybody has them. I am not sure I do goofy things, it just consumes me from here on out.

At least next week I will have the complete distraction of work to take my mind off the impending doom and pain.

I put together a nice mini pacing flip chart I can stick in my pocket. I will be nice to know what pace I am not, including the fade factor. I am sure others will be envious.

I think I am going to invest in a second headlamp tomorrow. I think using one around the waist plus the head is the way to go. This way I can periodically turn the head one on and off to force my eyes to change and assimilate.

I have the food pretty much figured out. I have the fluid pretty much figured out. Not it's time to hit the wait room.

WAIT.... W A I T

8 mile run tomorrow, then a six and a 5.

Looks like the twittering thing will happen.

Scott suggested putting a "#straces" after each tweet. If any of you follow it, and click on #straces, you can see all of the tweets of others who have tagged the same race.

Who knows how many will join in. Probably none. We might be starting a trend (I guess it has already started with other races.

Less than 8 days......


wildknits said...

Will the twitter thing work on the shore? Notoriously bad cell phone reception (depending on carrier) and location, up there.

Have fun resting up and w a i t i n g.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

This ultra thing sound complicated.

AT&T coverage is horrible up there. Verizon is good.

Steve said...

Agreed about the 2 headlamps. I'll be stopping by REI tomorrow hopefully to pick up my 2nd one for the race. Looking forward to seeing you there!

johnmaas said...

I'll be envious of the flip chart.
Have fun waiting out the next few days.
Best wishes for a successful run!
See you at the finish!

Scott said...

Man we are really in sync - I just picked up a backup headlamp from REI yesterday, even though I only need one for a few hours. REI Roseville has a 30% sale on all Petzl headlamps - get there if you can.