Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Signing off until the race

New Orleans was (is) interesting. Just walked down Bourbon Street and did not realize it is such a sleazy street. Looks much neater in the movies.

It is a tough thing to explain that I need to go home to sleep because I am running this weekend.

But... from here on out my crew, Bill, will be tweeting the race at

Matthew Patten @ kettlefans

click on #straces to see any updates from other runners. We have a few.

Thanks for all of the support and people who care. It is a great race.

I am praying for no bees. It looks like it could be warmer than expected.

See you at Lutsen.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Good Luck!

Bill S said...

Good Luck Matt!

brothergrub said...

Just boarding my flight to Minnespolis and eventually to Duluth - See you up there - Safe travels everyone!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Matt!

Karen S

Kel said...

Unfortunately, the 9/8 SHT trail conditions list ground hornets as being problematic in some areas (which areas in particular were not identified). Guess you're going to have to out run 'em.

See you at Oberg!

johnmaas said...

Best of luck to you, Matt!
See you at Lutsen....