Saturday, September 12, 2009

DNF at Superior


You read that right. DNF at mile 62. I would have dropped at 50, but my crew and the entire aid station would not let me.

No crew access at mile 58, so they didn't let me drop there either.

Bottom line, it was warm and humid. I thought we backed off enough and did plenty of walking, but exposed mountain climbs did a number on me, and many other.

I got sick to my stomach and started dy heaving. NOTHING tasted good. I got to the point I couldn't even drink water without dry heaving.

Report to come in the up coming week.

I am not really down or depressed, just a little disappointed. It was just too hot for me, and this course provides only a slim margin of error.

It is toasty again today (Saturday). The other 2 races will be challenging for the field due to weather.

Thanks for reading.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Sounds like tough conditions. I'll be anxious to hear details about how it went through mile 62. I wondered what happend - was following on Twitter and the updates stopped after mile 24.

Recover well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear, that's 19 further than me Matt with pretty much the same story. It was great to meet you, had a blast while it lasted. Keep in touch.

Sean Faulk

Todd said...

Matt - sorry to hear that the conditions were so tough. You know yourself well and it sounds like you did the smart thing. Congrats on another 100k.

SteveQ said...

Friday, I was saying to myself, "It's too hot for Matt." When I got to the Sawbill station, I saw you were already out; getting to Crosby that day's a major accomplishment.

(When I passed you and Bill on the way back, the tach read 4500rpms; never got her that high before!)

Julie B said...

Hey Matt, sorry for the heat. It's interesting how some runners don't like the heat and others enjoy the warmth. Sounds like a tough one. Recovery quickly!

Kel said...

I feel your pain regarding the dry heaves and the constant "yawn in technicolor" that comes with heat exhaustion.

Half of the field of 100 milers ended up dropping this year. Half! And a third were gone by sunrise Saturday.

Sorry I missed seeing you up there, but since I was working the very last aid station at Oberg, I missed lots of folks who didn't make it that far (and there were a LOT of them this year) :(

Bill S said...


Never underestimate the value of your efforts to those that are rooting for you. I still think what you accomplished this weekend is amazing and something that for now I can only imagine. Good job.

Helen said...

"... this course provides only a slim margin of error."

Well said!

Great job under the conditions and all of your recent travel etc. It was fun seeing you all come through the early AS. especially Tettagouche. No, you are not hearing the end of this anytime soon.

brent said...

Nice job hanging in until mile 62...and good decision on knowing when to say enough is enough. The SHT after the crosby aid station is not where you want to be having physical issues.

I appreciate your frame of mind as shows how you have become a seasoned ultra runner.

Take care and recover well.

Scott said...

Slim margin of error indeed. I only finished my 50 because of your help and advice; I drank *insane* amounts of fluid.

At least you made the safe choice and there's always another day. I hate the heat too; that was right at my limit.