Sunday, August 30, 2009

Final long run tune up for Sawtooth

The break in the heat and humidity brought the need to do the usual test run at Afton 2 weeks prior to a big race.

I decided to head out there alone so I could run my own run. For me, a loop at Afton is a good gauge to where I am. I used to do 2 (50k) before a big race, but that is too much for 2 weeks before a hundo.

My goal was to run, somewhat hard, but not go all out.

I was psyched to pull off a 2:15 25k loop, my best ever. To make things even better, I was fine at the end. I never hit a point on the hills where I thought I was going to die from heavy breathing. My change in gait and the way I run hills is paying off. We will see if it works in 2 weeks.

After a little break, I went back out to find people. It was then that I felt the pain and soreness of Lactic Acid buildup. Oh well.

I found Karen and Wayne, and we hung out for a bit. The group was celebrating Karen's 50th birthday this week. She ran 50 miles on her Birthday! Nice job grandma! (just kidding). What is more impressive about her is the fact that she has lost 25 lbs from last fall. And seriously, I didn't think she had 25 to lose. Way to be a role model, Karen.

Wayne is heading out for his 1st 50 at Superior. Dude, just relax and do it. Forget the splits and times.


I will have my master crew, Bill, back for Superior. We are putting together a plan for a great race. I have experience on my side, and a crew man who knows me well enough to know what I will need in the second half.

He has also agreed to "twitter" this race, so those of you who are interested can follow. We will do a few test "tweets in the next few weeks.

You can follow this twitter at

Matthew Patten

I am not sure which is easier to find.


Here is the deal with Superior/Sawtooth. ANYTHING can happen. The best laid plans can be wrecked by one wrong turn, fall, rock kick, etc. For me, the x factor is the muscle in my knee which went out last year. If that happens again, I will drop.

It could be a great day, or a bad day. Some of this is out of my control. That is not me being chicken, it is the reality of this beast.

I think people don't realize how relentless the terrain is on this course. That is what dismantles people more than anything.

Hopefully there will be no bees.... or at least hopefully they will not attack me this year. I will be thinking of you Molly at the spot we were attacked last year. I think I could find that spot exactly.

I get this week home to do my planning. Sweeeeet!


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

I still haven't figured out the twitter thing. Can he facebook it too?

You have been having such a great year with your running. Great time on the 25k loop.

SteveQ said...

Any special food requests for the Sawbill aid station?

Kel said...

Have a great run and enjoy the ride!

I'll be at the Oberg aid station giving you a final push towards home. And yes, it would be nice if the bees took the year off :)

Wayne said...

Hey, I made your blog... woohooo! :) It was nice to see you out there for a bit. You're ready!!

brothergrub said...

Thanks for the email - Still in awe of your sub twenty hour goal for Superior - but if anyone can do it, it's you! I think you are right - you will probably have the same time as you had at Kettle ... Way to put yourself out there!!

johnmaas said...

That tune up of 2:15 on Afton 25K was a nice run!
Best of luck on conquering Superior 100 again.
Save me a spot at the finish!

Anonymous said...

If you make it through without a sting, I'll have no excuses not to come back next year!

Have a great race!