Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From The Big Easy to The Big Toughy

I thought about saying "The Big Hardie" instead, but I would attrack a lot of unsavory google hits.

So the week of Superior, I have to be in New Orleans. But, the meeting ends at noon on Thursday. I have found a flight to get me home at a decent hour, but it will be a challenging week.

All of my new co-workers will also wonder why I am such a drag while they will most likely be "enjoying" The Big Easy. Oh the price we pay to kill ourselves in races.

Bottom line, I will be at the start line at 8 am for the race start. Although, I have to sell it to the Mrs. again. (I will have to remind her I have already paid).


Friday night I joined a few for an all night run at Afton. The humidity was intense. After 7 hours of running, we called it quits at 3 am. we didn't even nail down 30 miles.

Same thing happened last year. No worries.


Ran a beautiful horse riding park in Madison, WI this morning. It was nice to do 13 with no problems. Felt great. Can't believe in 3+ weeks is Superior. Ouch.


Lots of travel for the new job. California next week. Maybe I will post more than once per week.


johnmaas said...

So glad to hear that you will be able to make it to the start at Superior.
I'll be running the 50.
Make sure you clear out all the bees and hornets when you go through before me.
See you at the finish!

Anonymous said...

I was at Afton Friday night until midnight. The humidity was incredible..I knew I heard others out there, but could not pick up any lights to locate anyone...stew

Wayne said...

Glad you'll make it, Matt. And Yikes to Superior only be 3+ weeks away!