Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catch up

I never thought I would get needled if I didn't blog for 2 weeks.

Rough Crowd!

A lot has happened since my last post. Starting a new job is exciting, rewarding, but taking all of my brain power ('s a small brain).

I have pictures of some of the West Coast runs, but they are at home (I am on the road now).

Some cool stuff I got to run.
From my friends house in Malibu, I ran from 300ft above sea level, down to 100 ft, then back up to 1200 ft, all in 1.8 miles. Single track. It took me an hour to go there and back (3.6 mile). I still had the Voyageur chaffing, so it was a bit painful.

I ran around the Orange County Airport. I mean, I ran AROUND the damn thing. I was looking for the "Back Bay" of Newport Beach, but by the time I got there I was toast. It was all concrete and asphalt. Stoplights. Boo.

I also learned that "trail" to some people mean anything that is not a street.

I traveled up to the central coast of California and ran the Point Lobos Park in Carmel. Spectacular views, but the trails are lame. The National Park Service has done everything the could to make it as easy as possible to be on the "Trails". Lots of people, and they were annoyed by the fact that I was running. Few of them had the common decency to let my me by.

Check out the pictures at the link. It is worth it to run once. You can run down some small "power line-esq" cliffs to the beaches in coves. They are right out of "The Blue Lagoon" or other stranded isle movies. I am sure somehting has been filmed there.

Beautiful, but boring trails. It was fun to see Pebble Beach from a distance.


I did find out I have a meeting scheduled the week of Superior. There is a chance I won't make it to the start line in time. That bites, but I might still make it up for the weekend.

Check out the entrants list. I guess that is what I get for being a smartass on the entry form.

I am still training for it. Time for the all night party at Afton.

Looking forward to that.

Thanks for reading. More posts and pictures to come.


Helen said...

At least your chances are good for a Divisonal award! Though a few others may sneak in... difficult to know Larry's 'qualification' standards.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste time with the back bay,..I would go the extra miles south and run at Crystal Cove,or down along the beach and check out hte wedge....No problem if you are may just catch me.....stew

Anonymous said...

So are you running in a skirt or a kilt?...stew