Friday, April 3, 2009

Final Preparation before the first big race

No, correct that.

Start preparing...

I have done jack squat preparing everything I need for the race. The course did not even sound like it was finalized until last week. Here is a synopsis

Start to aid station 1 (s/f) 5.7 mi.
AS 1 to AS 2 5.5 mi.
AS 2 to AS 3 6.1 mi.
AS 3 to finish 2.7 mi.

Piece of cake. 6.1 miles being the longest between aid stations. I believe AS 2 is also the start/finish.

It is one week away, and I have only thought about running. I have not thought at all about gear, fueling/hydration strategy, race strategy, etc.

I am kind of going into this with a "See how it feels at the start, and then run by how I feel". If I feel real good, I might push it harder. I believe it makes some sense to run faster when you still have energy, instead of wasting all of the good energy on a slow pace. Either way, one hits the bottom, the question is when and where.

Oddly enough, my biggest concern is what to do on Friday. I have never had a race where I hang around all day and start after I normally go to bed. I think I will wake up super early Friday morning, eat a 2-3pm dinner, take a nap, and leave around 8pm. As much as I want to get there early to cheer the 100s, I will go nuts and drain my energy if I am there too early.

What are my goals?

Nothing I am willing to share. The only time I have run this far is at Superior 100 last year, and I walked most of mile 45-62. That was a much more rugged course, though, and I am in better shape. My knee went out right after 62, so I am not worried about it.


I would love to break 12, and think it is a possibility, but who knows.

13 hours could happen. 14 might happen.

I do know this... I am going in rested.


Andrew said...

Oh the joys of the last minute scurry. I'm sure your more prepared than you think you are.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

So you just keep looping around that course? 3 times?

Maybe your strategy of not over thinking things in advance will be a good one for you. You'll figure out the fueling/gear/whatever.

Good luck with that nap. You think you'll be able to calm your mind and nap? I know I couldn't. But I'm anal.

Wayne said...

Sounds like you're ready! I'll see you there.

Helen said...

Enjoy your taper! You'll have a super race. See you down there...

SteveQ said...

I think I too will wake up super early on Friday and have dinner at 2:30 - but I'm driving to Zumbro at 5 AM and hoping dinner's somewhere after loop number 2 of the race. I'm finally getting anxious!

Scott Mark said...

Good luck! Can't wait to read the report, sounds like a great race.