Monday, March 30, 2009


Not really, but kind of felt like it.

I received a call tonight from one of the road runners I used to "train" with. To be clear, I did my speed work as he would do his recovery work. He is fast.

He is one of those guys who looks at every result on Raceberry Jam... Every race. He called me tonight surprised by my results from the 10 miler a few weeks ago. He gave me the old "Hey, looks like you have been training!"

How nice it is to gain a shred of respect from a speedy. Of course, he tried to get me to commit to a bunch of road races this year. I tried to explain I don't do those anymore.


Saturday was the last "big run" before Zumbro. I saw that my buddy (hero) Jim Wilson was going to be out at Afton for a 7am start, and I needed to get a long one in so....

4:30am start time it was. I was hoping to get back to the parking lot with a full loop under my belt (2:30) and then do a second at a 3 hr pace (hoping for a 5:30 50k).

As Jim says... with me, you need to clarify "am or pm?"

I found myself in the parking lot at 4:20 am, listening to the coyotes howling and probably devouring someone's family pet. I spooked me until I remembered "I have never come closer than 30 yards to one". They don't like people.

So, I got to do "dark acclimation" for a couple of hours. I could tell it was going to be a good day. I ended up with a 2:18 loop, and not even going full throttle. This was close to my pr for the loop.

I met up with Bill, Zach, and Jim, back for a second loop. Bill is doing his first ultra at Trail Mix, and so far we have not scared him away. Good luck at TMix Bill.

Zach found a pacer for Zumbro 100 (another Bill), and Jim found out I don't always have short term memory loss.

I nailed out the second loop with them, finishing strong by pounding the hills in the snowshoe loop.

4 years ago, I ran my first 50k. I thought it was the longest distance in the world. I did this Saturday, about 20 minutes faster, and it felt easy. I am blessed that I am able to do this. Very thankful.

I really never thought I would be running 50 milers, none the less 100k or 100m. I guess once you cross that bridge, the brain makes room.

I guess I am tapering now. I should be nervous as this will be the second longest distance I have ever run. But, I am not nervous. The weather will be cool, I get to start at night (I like night running), and I am ready (with actual data to support it).

Now it is time to dial it back and chill.

Too bad Zumbro results won't be on Raceberry Jam.


johnmaas said...

Nice run at Afton, Matt!
You have really gotten strong and fast in the last year. You have earned every bit of respect.
Have fun at will do great!

SteveQ said...

We could submit the results to Raceberry; they allow that. I just hope I'm still running when you start the 100K.

2:18 at Afton is really cooking! That's only minutes slower than my finish time there for the 2003 race!

keith said...

Holy smokes! That is really quick! youi've really come a long way. Good job!

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Yep, the brain and the body make room.

Hope the taper goes well. You'll be ready to kick butt.

Are there more than two entrants now?

SteveQ said...

So far in the 100K, I know both of the Jungblom brothers are signed up (there goes first and second places!), the Saari's are doing it and there's another I'm forcetting.