Friday, March 13, 2009

My own race

I should have checked the family schedule before I said "I might do the Irish for a Day 10 mile".

My wife is going crapbooking that day, and I have to be home by 9am. The race starts at 9.... Why so late? Is that part of being Irish for a day? Get hungover on Guinness or Smithwitcks? What's up with that Helen?

So instead, I am going to track down Mr. fast as lightning from my neighborhood, and join him on his Saturday morning indoor track workout.

Here is the plan
1-2 mile warm up at 9-10 min. pace.

Then... see how long I can maintain a 6min mile pace. (This was Adam's suggestion). If I crash after 2, Adam, I am going to go to your kids playground and do the Green Beret test.

This will be as much of a mental test as a physical test, as it is a 200 meter track. I can already feel myself "leaning to the left.... correct that... leaning to the right"

I will have good company, as Mr. fast as lightning is training to break the world record at 60 and over for the mile.

And thanks for all of the comments. At times I figure only 2-3 people read this, so it helps motivate me when I know your are watching.

Todd, your calibration comment cracked me up. You know me, am I at all that detail oriented? (I am when brewing beer). The treadmill has its problems while I am on it, at higher speeds. I can see someone trying to count the stripes, then get kicked in the face.

And Andrew, sorry to disappoint you that I run on that damn thing. You know dangerous it is to run on the roads in this area, and they are rarely clear of ice. Looks like the really cold stuff is on its way out. So roads & trails, here I come.

Hopefully I make it through Saturdays race..... I will do a poll on it.


SteveQ said...

Fast 60 year old - Bill Frazer?

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, I absolutely love Scrapbooking so I can relate to your wife. I also just found out two days ago that the treadmills at lifetime fitness are much, much faster at 7 mph than my treadmill!

Molly Cochran

Helen said...

9am start... decent enough time to still enjoy Friday night, with enough time afterwards to get down to The Local at midday to watch the lads put Scotland away in the 6 Nations match... while formally kicking off a marathon session ending on Paddy's day. And there's no running involved in this marathon.

Have a great 'race'!