Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moving Forward

Thank you to everybody for the positive encouragement to keep blogging.

My purpose of doing this last year was a means to keep myself accountable to a goal. I also took the approach of "this is what has worked for me", knowing that some of my training plan was unconventional. This blog became an ad hoc testimonial to alternative training for ultra distances.

What do I mean by "alternative training?"

Year to date, I have done a total of the following

Lactate Threshold Training Runs = 1 (kind of.. I wimped out after 20 minutes)
Speed Work = 0
Hill Workouts = a few, minus the long runs at Afton.
Long Runs = A ton. Most of them at 70-75% of max heart rate.


I beat my Ice Age 50 Mile time by 7 minutes from the prior year (I had done a ton of LT trainin and speed work).
I beat my Superior 50k time by 5 minutes from two years ago (I believed I was in "excellent" shape 2 years ago for that run).
I ran injury free the whole year (up until mile 65 of Superior 100).
I never hit "chronic fatigue", I only hit "burn out" during June, July, and part of August (partially due to heat).

So, I have come to understand that once you have a strong base, you can tap into it and perform at a decent level regardless of the "recent training".

Why am I babling about this right now? Maybe I will use this blog to advocate a different style of training. Not sure yet.

I am flattered to hear when people are inspired by some of the stuff I have blogged about. I have believed for a long time that inspiration is one of the greatest gifts one can give. I don't think one can try to inspire others (I believe that would be narcassistic on some level). But, I can continue documenting my accomplishments and failures. Take them for what they are worth.

In case some of you read the last post wrong, I am not giving up running, ultra running, or even 100 milers. While I will not bu running Superior 100 next year, I have already thought about the great 100's which are out there. Some don't interest me at all.

So I guess I am considering taking one of the following directions with this blog.

> Same old blah blah blah
> Find someone and document their "Road to 100"
> Focus on the "alternative training" and track my progress over the winter using Stu Mittleman's theories. Tie this in with cross training?
> Use this as a forum to follow other Midwest Ultrarunners?
> Be a resource for "getting in shape". This could mean any level of runner. I am not sure if I am worthy to dish out advice unsolicited, but more of a "try this, this is what has worked for me". There are already too many experts out there. I don't want to be another one.
> Follow the same format, but with another specific goal (like getting a big belt buckle at Leadville..... don't laugh!......... I do my best when my bar is set high, or slightly out of reach.).

So, this is what I am thinking about for moving forward. I can't come to terms that my season might be over, so I am optimistic that one more big race will surface. I am icing the knee heavily. It might be ready by the weekend, but I doubt it. I would still love to do Glacial 50 Mile, but not if I will be doing it as a death march.

There are always the winter ultras (Frozen Otter, Arrowhead (NO WAY!!!), and the Fat Ass runs all winter long at places still to be determined.

More thoughts coming soon.


Delane said...

100 Congrats on your accomplishments this year!

Wayne said...

I suppose 50K isn't a big race distance for you... but Surf the Murph, Nov 1.

Karen G said...

I am glad you will continue to blog. I supose however if you ever become perfect or an expert I will have to stop reading it- perfect is boring.
Heal quick and see you on the trails.

Helen said...

Isn't Leadville just ridiculously tempting? Arrowowhead on the other hand is NOT. We'll just move that one way to the back of our minds. Forever. But Hope Pass, Twin Lakes - I feel like I already know them! I want to do Sawtooth again next year so 2 over the summer might be too much but I've been thinking about it ever since reading Julie's report!

Keep blogging, you don't need a specific format/goal blah blah... That's way too scientific. Just write whatever ya want. We'll read it and enjoy it or we'll read it and laugh. Or both.


SteveQ said...

Larry's got a new race in the works: Zumbro Bottoms 100K/100 Mile on March 28 (I think). Just a thought...

bryan said...

Surf the Murph 50k! Totally enough time for you to heal.

I'll add one more vote to the "glad for your ongoing blog" campaign.

johnmaas said...

Just continue the blog for any/all of the reasons you stated. You don't have to name your own goals yet, just take some rest and get healthy for now.
You have inspired me and many others through your blog.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

I agree with John - just blog about what your doing now and figure out the goals as you go. I have a handful of blogs that I read on a regular basis. Each of them, for one reason or another, provide me with some insight and information about what I should be doing or not doing. Most of the people whose blogs I read probably wouldn't think they are an inspiration to me, but they actually are, each in different ways. You too. So, like I said earlier, keep blogging.

SteveQ said...

Oh, don't forget the Crusty Dick 50K in February!

Travis said...

Yea, keep it up. you never know who is reading and taking inspiration. There's a great winter run in KC. The RD is a home brewer too. http://www.psychowyco.com/