Thursday, September 25, 2008

I hate my new blog title

I guess it made sense as a blog post, but I already hate it as a blog title. It also does not incorporate any of my sarcastic nature.

So my other thoughts were:

Speed Kills
The Pain Asylum

or, on a more serious note:

Miles Away

There is a Marc Cohen tune "Miles Away" which I can relate to. Miles Away describes his detachment from the world at the moment.

"I'm gonna think about a lot about it later, but now I'm miles away". The song is a lot deeper than my brief explanation, but that is me when I am out running.

The song also captures the lack of an end to this running thing. Just new goals and limits.

Personally, I love the title "Speed Kills". If any of you remember WKRP in Cincinnati, there is a great episode where everybody thinks Johnny Fever is on speed. The keep saying, "Fever.... Speed Kills". He was just hyper.

This also captures my complete abandonment of speed work. AND, how one can do that and still have decent results.

Also, most of my injuries are a result of speed work.


Londell said...

Well how about the quest for 150... You know they have that in Illinois... Really, I do not notice the header much but I admit the new one is not a favorite. How about 1 down, 9 to go... The quest for 10 consecutive Superior 100's! That will be easy to change yearly, until you are dead or have a DNF... Since I DNF twice now I could change mine to 2 down and 8 to go, the quest for 10 consecutive DNF's at the Superior 100...

But what a challenge!

SteveQ said...

Since so many people read Daniels' book, I have to remark he said, "Speed kills... those who don't have any." How about a blog title like: I Hate This Blog Title?

Karen G said...

Matt's miles!!!

Stephen said...

3M - Matt's Minnesnowta Miles ?

Helen said...

C'mon Matt. Get over it and write some interesting stuff. I just use my name. Guess that's boring. Never really thought about it. But if I did I'd be like you and wouldn't be able to decide on a new title. So my name it is.