Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Yan Teopa

Today is the Frontenac State Park 10 mile trail race. I won't be there. I have yet to even go to that state park.

There is a famous rock formation there the Dakota Indians named "In Yan Teopa", which means "rock with opening". Looks like the Dakotans were about as original as I when creating names for stuff.

Good luck to all who are running, and good luck to those who are tapering for Twin Cities Marathon next weekend. I know a few running this for their first time.

There will be a few posts dedicated to TCM, I will be watching with my family at mile 24.

Still have a hard time running


Helen said...

Nice and simple - I like it!! Keep it!

See you at mile 24 then. I hope I am still smiling. Or at least not hallucinating like I was 2 miles from the end of Sawtooth.

The running will come back. It's only been 3 weeks. Lot's of beautiful fall weather to come and you'll be able enjoy it.


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Sorry to hear running is still difficult for you. Hope that changes soon.

I'll look for you at mile 24 too!

Kel said...

A guy who runs....and brews....

Run when you feel like it ;)

SteveQ said...

In Yan Teopa was just okay this year, nothing special. There are some interesting native american joke names. Owatonna means straight river; it bends 50 times in the first mile!

Wayne said...

"Looks like the Dakotans were about as original as I when creating names for stuff." Now that's good stuff... made me laugh anyway. :)