Thursday, September 11, 2014

Testing..... 1, 2, 3

Just curious if anybody reads this anymore or is interested in it going active again.

I stepped away for a while because.....

A - I just could not put the pieces together & did not want this to be a pity party blog
B - I lost my desire to be a runner..... for a while, at least
C - Had some personal issues I just did not want to be public about

Reasons for contemplation on getting the blog active again

A - After spending this weekend at the Superior Trail Races (volunteering), I am reminded of what this sport is about.... And I am still not sure I can explain it.
B - I am disappointed in where I have let myself get with diet and exercise
C - I am not ready to hang it up yet

So that is what the year and a half (okay, almost 2) break was about.

Stay tuned?


    Julie said...

    I enjoy reading your blog and do hope you decide to run and write about your experiences again! I understand what you're going through. The past two years I've battled burnout, illness, a tough health diagnosis and now am working on rebuilding again. It helps being out at races and soaking up some of the energy and remembering why you used to love it so. :)

    Adam Schwartz-Lowe said...

    You're in my blogroll. And you know I'll be here when you're ready to hit the trails again. I'm more than happy to either race with you or crew you. Or, hey, maybe this winter I'll come crash with you and brew a few.

    nwgdc said...

    Yes please! I still owe you a fiddy miler at IceAge. We shall see if 2015 is the year after Glacial.
    You're a great writer with very interesting insights. I'd love to read more on whatever you want to write about regarding tbe trails.

    Anonymous said...

    Whenever you make a comeback, whether that is in 5 days or 5 years, I hope to train with you man. Loved running with you and Bill this last winter. So much witty banter and trail singing. Pulling into the Lebanon parking let just isn't as much fun w/o the DNF van.