Friday, September 12, 2014

Motivation & Priorities

One of my struggles in the past few years has been a complete lack of desire and motivation to run (more specifically, train)

One of the sports I really enjoy outside of running is football.  I love this time of year with college & pro.  I spent 4 years at Northwestern University watching a team lose, and 3 years was spent in the marching band forced to watch them lose.

I gained a strange love for college ball during those years, and I still carry it today.

I also used to really enjoy motivational speaking and books.  I was one of those guys who would find a way to find something good in all of the bad which can happen around you.  This goes pretty deep into my psyche and childhood.  That is for another day.

This summer, I was commenting about some funny quotes Herm Edwards had said.  In my search to find his "don't press send" quote, I found this gem.

If you need to get your house in order, your mind in order, your life in order, watch this.
Part 2
Part 3

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