Sunday, December 9, 2012

1st Week in the Books

Man, what I week.

The mileage challenge started this week, and I set the bar pretty high for myself.  The problem, though, was my first run on Monday did not go well.  I decided to treadmill it (sometimes harder for me than running outside).  I got on, and was not into.  I was hoping for 10, and quit at 4.  I fully intended on making it up..... but we all know how hard that can be.

Managed 10 miles each day Tues-Friday.

P90X came this week, and my 8 year old was super motivated to do it with me.  So we did the fitness test on Thursday night, and did the first workout on Friday.

I have to say it is kind of fun.  It is even more fun to have an 8 year old saying "come on dad, BRING IT"  He loved it.  I hung in there.

It is easier than Crossfit so far, but a lot different.  This is more manageable for the average human.

Saturday brought the famous "Donut Run" organized by Jordan.  I was not going to do it, but Bill P and Adam have been making a sport of gaming me on my lackluster performance lately.

The Donut Run is a fun run where you run through South Minneapolis, stopping at a multiple of Donut Shops.

I was to join them on the 17 mile loop (the long distance).  I needed more than that, so I arrived early and did 3 loops around Lake Nokomis (about 7.5 miles total).

It was a blast.  Got to see a bunch of friends, but around mile 20 started to suffer.  Add in a few overshoots on which street to turn, my total was 25.8 miles.  If I knew that, I would have gone for the 26.2 (or actually 26.3) just to say so.  But once I stopped, I was done.

Woke up this morning and did the Plyometrics P90X workout with my 8 year old.  Wow, what a great workout, but not a good idea 24 hours after a long run.  I toasted me.  But, this disc alone, is worth it for any ultra runner.  All of the moves are great supplements for ultra training.  And it is actually kind of fun.  I can't believe my kid just plows through it.  He is a red belt in Karate, and wants to be a professional athlete already.  He can beat me on a lot of stuff, but I still think I have better form (deeper squats).

So my total for the week
70.25 miles
Long run = 25.8



wildknits said...

So, how did the second week go?

I had a high (for me) mileage week as well at about that time. Followed by a very low mileage week (with a very good reason). Not sure what this week will end up being, though so far I am off to a good start.

Shane Lapan said...

Wow, you're an iron man. Your total for that week is 70.25 miles, that's a long run for me. Is that the number of miles you taking up every week? hmm,quite long. You should maintain the endurance of your body, maybe you can take up supplements for that so your body can continue doing that and of course yourself.

brothergrub said...

Yo MP - its been a while since any updates... was this a one and done????!!

chris mcpeake said...

how did the challenge end up working out?