Friday, November 30, 2012

Challenge updates

So I open my big mouth, and I get sucked into a competition with some of the guys from Wisconsin.

The contest is between about 15 people.  Here are the rules


1. We'll start Dec 3rd and go thru March 10th, runnng or walking miles only (as a dedicated workout) only.  No equivalent credit for biking, skiing etc.


2. Email the entire group your weekly mileage total and your longest single run for the week by Sunday night, no later than midnight, I will compile the week's results and send it out to the group on Monday.  If you don't have access to email, you can txt me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.  If I hear nothing from you by midnight, no credit for the week.


2. Mileage is honor system, you're only cheating yourself, give me your weekly total and longest run to the nearest decimal (yes that has decided the rank of runners previously)


3. Payments per week. (cheaper than any gym or coaching fees) To be paid at the end of the challenge.

        A. Four people with the lowest mileage totals will owe $2 to the pot.

        B. Four people with the lowest single long run will owe $2 to the pot.

        C. More public embarrasment if you're at the bottom of both.


4. Points system

        A. Points will be given to everyone for weekly mileage totals, 1 pt for lowest mileage, 11 pts for most mileage

                (here's where the consistency comes in, miss a week and it is hard to make up)

        B. Points will also be given for Top 5 single longest runs of the week

                (lower points since not as valuable to your training as weekly mileage but still key to endurance)


5. End of challenge payout
      A - I left this part off so the feds don't come and bust us an illegal gambling operation.  All of my winnings, if any, will be donated to my church.
Thanks to Joe F for getting me involved in this.  Hopefully I can rise to the challenge.  My goal is average of 50-60 per week.
In other news, I decided to also do P90X over the winter months.  I pulled the trigger, and ordered it.  I get a kick out of the commercial, and am curious how an endurance athlete..... correction, former endurance athlete trying to make it bak, can hold up on this program.
Take a look at the fitness test here and that can be my fitness challenge to all of you.  If you want to do our own form of the mileage challenge, I am game for that too (since I am already doing it)
I will be updating my progress on the fitness test benchmarks.  It is all about progress.  I will include 2-3 trial runs every month, ranging from 1 mile to 10 mile.  (time trials).
If I take the before and after pictures of my rock solid..... rock....  six.... okay, flimsy abs, I won't be posting those pictures.
This should be fun.  Looking forward to something different, but not as crushing as Crossfit.


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wildknits said...

Being a low-mileage runner I don't think my bank account, or ego, can handle this challenge.


Will try to get something done for the month - though off to a rocky start already as have been rehabbing a stubborn shoulder issue for the past few weeks.

And yes, I know that there are things I can do that don't involve my shoulders. Though I will note that slipping on icy trails and throwing your arm(s) out is pretty painful.