Sunday, September 11, 2011

Superior 100 - 2011 Report

Any IT professional or computer geek can tell you what the difference between computer "RAM" and "ROM" is. I will do my best to simplify them.

RAM - Random Access Memory - Main memory available for programs
ROM - Stored Memory - Memory which loads your computer, loads programs, etc.

Every time you shut your computer off, your RAM is basically wiped clean.

Most ultrarunners I know only have the pain from ultras registered using RAM. Somehow, we forget how ugly it gets. Our ROM stores "how to run", training regimens, strategy, etc.

Emotions are stored in RAM........ and that is why we somehow come back to these brutal races.

I left Tettegouche aid station (mile 34 or so) thinking I was okay and could walk to recover. I knew this would be the first time I would be hitting the next aid station in the dark. Dang..... I was still a long way out from where I wanted to be. Night fell. The climb never stopped going up. I sat down on a log and put my hand in my face. I thought "How the hell did I ever finish this race?". And "Why did I ever come back?"

My emotional RAM wiped that feeling clean and my ROM replaced that feeling with a "aaahhh.... it aint' so bad".

Shortly after, I yanwed in technicolor, called ralph on the big white phone, worshiped the pocelein god...... and was pretty much done.

I guess a video montage of Me, Ron B, Kevin G, Chris S, Brad B, Aaron S, Craig S, Joe B, etc. would look a lot like an episode of Jackass. "Hey, let's see how far we can run until we puke!"

Considering I brought homebrew kegs for the gang.... it pretty much turned into a bad frat party.

But a few shined through. Some used this as a time to shine.

Angela Barbara of the Lapham Peak Trail Runners we getting chased by the course sweeps. Her times looked to close for any margin of error. She dug down deep and made up time in the last 2 sections to bring home 3rd women's masters.

Zach Pierce started puking when he saw my puke on the trail, and decided he was tougher. Zach's got the get it done mentality. He had less training and prep than I did for the race, but he has grown as a runner over the past few years. He had every reason to drop, but got it done with a smile. His wife and I were talking at the finish and came up the comment "ever since he has taken the watch off... he has been a pain in the ass to keep up with"

Adam Schwartz-Lowe decided he might try to negative split the 2nd 50 of this 100. He ran the second half in just under 13 hours (faster than it took me to go 42), and closed the gap of the lead runner, John Horns, to only 7 minutes. Adam took 2nd, but a damn impressive rally.

I don't really know the winner, so I can't really tell you what he did other than "he kicked some ass"

Julie Treder of Lapham crushed the course with a 30:45 (an improvement of around 5 hours from a prior year), but was heard saying "I am done with this one". Just wait until the RAM get erased.

Chris Hanson and Patrick Susnik made it look easy. They know this course better than almost anybody, they know how to train, prepare, and race it. They are calm, cool, and collective. They were just at or under 30 hours. Very impressive. They have run it many, many times. These two are like the Ice runners. (like Ice Man from Top Gun). Cool, clean, no mistakes.

Matt Lutz came back from dead in the water with racing flats and sandals to get a finish in. Not sure if he is just that tough, or just that stupid to do it in huraches. I think I am leaning toward tough on this one.


Matt Aro came in 3rd... officially promoting to "Fastest Matt" status (I think he was Iron Matt). The Fastest Matt has not yet been notified. I guess that will be a hard email to write.

So instead of giving you a sob story about me, I thought I would highlight awesome performances (there were many).

I will put a separate post together of what happened in those 42 miles so you can all learn from my success, and mistakes. But I have to say, I so much right.

Bill Pomerenke did an awesome job of assessing the impending heat, and did every thing he could to cool me. He is a gracious giver to races, and I thank you for that, Bill. And thanks for letting me drop at 42. I was done.

I feel good today, and will feel better tomorrow.......

After I go for a run


wildknits said...

Thanks for the update - both on your race and others. Was sorry to miss out on the event (and the homebrew...sigh).

Aaron said...

Congrats Matt on making it as far as you did. The relentless terrain makes Superior tough enough. But the brutal heat this year put it over the top.

Chad W said...

It was great seeing you out there at the finish! You're no small part in why I love this sport. Keep on keeping on!

Matt Lutz said...

That was a hell of a race, and thanks for the nod. The soles of my flats are shredded and they look like they have three times as many miles on them as they do.

My report is up, too:

Scott said...

I ruined two pairs of shoes at Superior this year. I loved Jordan Hanlon's comment that its like running in a dry creek bed.

Still waiting to hear your report on the first 42, I think you were somewhere in the dark when I came through County Road 6. Glad I didn't see you because I might have joined you... that AS was the start of my dark period through Crosby.

I'm surprised to say that by Monday already my pain and suffering had been all RAM. I am actually looking forward to tackling that beast again. See you out there.

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