Tuesday, November 22, 2011

May be finished

This blog thing has been so low on the priority list that it is in danger of being shoved off the list.

Too busy? Not really
Too Lazy? Kind of
Don't really care anymore? Pretty much

Had a good stretch of fitness until mid-October. Been really hit and miss since.

Considering only 2 people read this anymore, I may just send you emails


martykc said...

Well Matt, I can tell you that of the two, I am one of em!

Seriously, let it lie, you might find at some point you have energy for it again.

Its kinda like an ultra, when there is ALWAYS that moment (or moments) when it sucks and you just want to be done and you don't care. Our moods wax and wane.

Its really ok to let it go for a while, then revive it from the ashes.

Have a good one.

Adam said...

Keep it going...heck I only do race reports on mine, so it's just a couple times a year. I wouldn't mind seeing what you're brewing on here, if you need some additional interesting stuff to post.

Anonymous said...

More people read your blog than you know. Take some time off and get the spirit back.

nwgdc said...

I agree with Adam. If only for the race reports, it's worth having.

That's pretty much where mine is heading, too!

Anonymous said...

I read it too. We don't see you all that often, so it's nice to hear what you are up to.

wildknits said...

Agree with Adam, if not running/fitness related, would love to hear about brewing.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you more of a following than you think.
There are people who talk all day and say nothing. When you have something to say, you say it........Stewy

Scott said...

I'm in a lull on my blog and Twitter as well... I'm even worse on reading other blogs. But I still enjoy it.

I like your snarkiness, don't take that away from us just yet.

Andrew said...

still here.