Friday, September 2, 2011

Final goals met

With 1 week to go for the big one, I met just about every goal I wanted to in my short prep for this race.

1 - Weighed in this morning at 165 lbs (goal)
2 - Yesterday had a PR "Tabata" workout.

What is Tabata, here it is for a treadmill. You adjust your speed based on your ability

Incline = 12%
Speed = As fast as you can go without slowing for 8 sets = I did 10 MPH (previous pr 9.2)
8 sets of
20 seconds on
10 seconds off

Yes, the workout is only 4 minutes, but it is hard if you are going at your max.

I was going to do 9.2 or 9.5, but I said "screw it... if I am doing a hundo next week, time to take it to the max"

Pretty pumped considering I tried it in June and almost passed out at 8.5 MPH.

The 165 lbs weigh in was a happy thing. I thought I would level out a few pounds higher. I might even get a few more off before next Friday, but I am happy with it.

The other goals were
> Being able to do a long run with no stomach issues
> Get "some long runs in" - Not sure if I met this one, but did "well enough"

Now time to start the collection of all of the crap I have to bring

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SteveQ said...

Don't forget to bring the blue tarp! You're getting kinda skinny for an ultrarunner (within 16 pounds of me...), but every pound you carry for 100 miles has to count... and now you have me wondering how fast I can run up a 12% incline [not fast today, given a bum knee]. I may see you up there, at Tettegouche or Finland. Best of luck!