Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Blue Tarp comes back

I pulled a "Blue Tarp" at the Chesterwoods 50K.

Blue Tarp is a euphemism for "Did not finish".

After running multiple extra miles in the middle of the race, I was losing ground on everyone and everything. At 3.5 hours, I was still far away from any idea of when I would finish and the heat was punishing me. My legs were not working well, and I was not in the right mind to beat out 2-3 hours of heat hell for a finish.

Next time I will know the course before I run it.

Bill Pomerenke beat my 50K PR with a 5:10. He has bragging rights now.

I led Zach Pierce down many incorrect miles. He threw in the towel as well after figuring out how far we still had to go.

I had my 1 opportunity to beat the fastest Matt. He was going to drop, but decided to stay in knowing he would never live it down if I finished.

Darn! I should have put together a good race. Oh well....


SteveQ said...

Bill is really coming along! And thanks for pointing out to me that Wayne Nelson now has a faster 100 Mile finish than I do.

brothergrub said...

Yo Matt - You STILL have the fastest LPTR Kettle 100 finish since at least 2007...Probably longer than that! Safe for another year!

BTW... I just signed up for Superior... finally running again... Achilles is feeling good... so Sawtooth will be my 2011 debut. (Tough start!!!)

Chad W said...

Damn, that's fast! You'll have your race soon enough, Matt. :)