Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heat Acclimation & Pondering Life

2 Posts in one

I received a photo from my wife showing 10 inches of snow, and a -2 on the car thermometer on the way to school this morning.

Me... I was (and still am) enjoying mid 80's in Houston/Austin/San Antonio. I would feel bad, but I am the man brining home the bacon. You know.... the guy working so hard his fingernails are worn out. Okay.. I have it easy.. I am a salesman. But still... I do what many can't.

I ran Tuesday night in San Antonio at the Emile and Friedrich Park. That is an awesome little loop. Lots of rocks, but warm and fun.

Took Wednesday off (because I really did work hard).

Thursday - Ran around the streets of North Houston.

What was strange was... I ran 7-8 miles, and it felt like nothing. I ran slow, but this new form conserves energy really well.

Which brings me to Zumbro. I feel like I "should" do it, but I just don't want to suffer. Every morning I wake up and say "no way", but by the evening I think "I could do it". My body forgets how much suffering is involved in these, and I know that could be an issue.

I had great advice last weekend on the long run. John T(a MN legend), told me "You could do it relaxed and fun - mid pack, but only you can decide if you have that in you". John understands that some people (me) just can't run a race where they put it all on the line. It was not a compliment or insult, just the plain reality.

I hate showing up to races unprepared. Actually, I never show up to races unprepared. I just don't show up if I am not ready. In 100's, nobdoy is truly "ready", just like having kids. You just have to pull the pin and go for it. But one can be prepared, and that is a loaded word.

If it were not my 40th birthday, I would say "no way". But something just keeps tugging at me saying "what a way to turn 40". Many people sit on their ass and celebrate walking up the steps to work. Many people fear turning 40 or complain about it. I am actually looking forward to it. I hated being a kid, and always wanted to be a grown up. For me, it might be a way to show people "I am just getting started...pal".

My marriage has never been stronger than it is now. I have a beatiful, awesome wife. I have 4 great kids. I enjoy my work more than I ever have. There is minimal (if any) doom on the horizon. God has given me many gifts I don't deserve. Life is great.

Maybe one of my gifts is being a testament to living a happy life, and enjoying it in a symbolic way. This would actually give me purpose and motivation to do Zumbro more than anything.

There were times in the last 4 months when I thought I was done with Ultra running. Seriously. One morning I woke up and actually said "I am done'.

Maybe my "competitive" days are over. But to me "competitive" is relative.

There are only a finite number of "blue tarps" out there, and I already have my fair share.

More to ponder


Anonymous said...

Dude, wait until you turn fifty.
If run Zumbro, I will run over night with you. Plus I want to try the beer.....Stewy

Adam said...

I understand not wanting to run if you aren't ready to throw down. Could be fun carrying on 30 hours of conversations with folks, though. If you decide not to race, it'd be good to see you down there, and I know I could use a friend for a lap or two.

SteveQ said...

btw, right after our run when you said a lot of what Michele Bachmann says is taken out of context, I turned on the TV to see her claim the revolutionary war battles of Lexington and Concord happened in New Hampshire.

You know I can't "not race" a race, but I found that after 5 ultras in 6 weeks, that the desire goes away pretty early - about 5 miles into Kettle, for example.

SteveQ said...

and about why people run the Boston Marathon: It's the one that non-runners have heard of. Just like you could run a 5K in 13 minutes and people would ask if you've ever done a marathon; if you're a marathoner, people ask if you've done Boston. You do it just so you can say, "yes, I've done it." We're only a year or two away from people asking, "You do ultras? Have you done Western States? I heard that Karnazes guy say it's hard."

Carilyn said...

You're in Texas - yeah! I'm homesick. Give the state a big ol' hug from me!

I know exactly what you mean, Matt. That was part of the reason I took a year and a half off - I just couldn't make myself do it anymore. Then, I realized I only have a few more years left in this back, so I decided to get busy for now. But, I'm taking it one run at a time, one race at a time. Life's too short to make ourselves miserable for fun :)