Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In case you were wondering....

Not running Zumbro. Below are my lame excuses.

Lame Excuse #!

= Bad timing.

Lame Excuse #2

= I am not in the shape I would like to be. I don't like entering races "just to do it". I am just not there

Lame Excuse #3

= The family really wants me home on my birthday night. And, would like to do some family stuff on Saturday.

100's don't just soak up 20-40 hours of race time, but days of prep and weeks of recovery.

I have only returned home from 1 hundred where I was not a total mess. Once I was taken to urgent care 1/2 hour of returning from a race. AH probably has a fond memory of it, dumping me in my driveway with a swollen lower leg and a bubble full of bee venom.

So that's it. I will be volunteering. I will have coffee brewed at 7am at the start.

Maybe some pictures or video will be taken. Good luck to those who are running


wildknits said...

Matt - not lame, valid.

See you at Zumbro!

SteveQ said...

You're still ahead of me; I bailed on volunteering at the last minute.

Nice that you're bringing brew from Peet's Coffee and Tea, but Mostly Coffee; I Mean We HAVE Tea, I Saw Some in the Back Once When Looking For a Printer Cartridge, but It's Probably Pretty Old, So Yeah, You Probably Should Stick With the Coffee, Ltd.

Kel said...

Will the Get Chicked Ale be there too?

I agree with Lisa - your reasons are valid and not excuses. Have a happy birthday!

Helen said...

Good choice! Wish I could be there. Had some awesome Peet's coffee from the shop on Van Ness this past weekend!

Hope you all have a great time as Zumbro.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

So what's next on the race agenda?

And when am I gonna get my beers?