Friday, March 18, 2011

28 years late to a U2 concert

I was in Denver this week and connected with Joe Z (former resident of MN....) for a nice and easy run in the foothills of Denver. Okay... easy for Joe, but a beatdown for me.

Cruised through one of the many parks in the area, climbing from 6000ft, breathing hard. Joe asks "you ever seen Red Rock?".

Me - "No.. but lets go". I knew it right away as the cover of U2's "Under a Blood Red Sky".

It is quite a site to see. But the stairs... the stairs would even make brothergrub and taterTodd cry for help. This picture does not do it justice

But the view was worth it. Joe even said "we have to take the stairs to earn the view"

This picture really does not capture the beauty, but it gives you an idea. And.. I stole these off the internet.

It felt good to run hard. It has been over 2 weeks of abrupted sleep with coughing and just no energy.

I managed to miss only 1 day of running this week, and I have plans for Sat and Sun.

Saturday I am running with old man Jim. Luckily he is recovering from surgeries or I would be dreading tomorrows run.

Sunday is the Afton opener for me. If I can bust out 31 miles there, I very well might sign up for Zumbro.

Anybody interested in joining us, be at the parking lot at 6am for the 1st loop, or 9am for the 2nd. (unless the trails are too slushy and muddy.

I am having a pint of "Confusion Corner Coffee Stout" as I write this. I came out nice, but needs a few weeks to mellow out. "Getting Chicked Ale" came out real nice. Gives a nice bitter taste... just like the guy on the label was feeling


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

If I could see just one concert it would be U2 at Red Rock! Great pictures.

Wish I could run with the gang on Sunday, but am still battling an achilles issue.

Have a good run,
Karen S

SteveQ said...

Another 28 years and their new project "Superman: Turn Off the Dark" may finally open.

See ya tomorrow.

Brian said...

I'm jealous you got out to CO! Can't wait to run through some of those places around Joe's in a couple months.

Good luck tomorrow at Afton. Looking forward to hearing how the trails are...I think I might wait a couple weeks still.

Anonymous said...



Carilyn said...

The stairs are impressive, indeed! I love the area and it was fun to see the pictures.

I have to admit to sometimes picking running partners when they are recovering from something just so I don't have to kill myself on the run :) It's probably cheating, but sometimes it's just too hard to do anything but get it done.

Joe Z said...
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Joe Z said...

Just read this - nice.