Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Post

I am still alive.

Quick recap of the last 2.5 weeks.

Week 1.

Family reunion - Parents 50th Anniversary celbration.
Highlight - Got to run with cousins who I used to swing aroung by their arms and legs. They are all over 6ft and 200lbs plus. Great times.

Week 2

Started the new job-
Last week - Houston
This week - Colorado.... Sorry, no time to venture to the mountains for a run. Bummer
Next week - San Fran for a week of training and orientaion. Trail run will happen there.... some how.
Week after - Chicago.
Then San Diego, then Dallas.

It is all good.

3 weeks ago I started ramping up the mileage. I am back up to 40+ per week, and might hit 60 this week. What am I training for? Not sure yet.... but with only 3 entered in Wild Duluth 100k.... I am pretty confident I could secure a top 5 finish.

The emails about Ozark 100 are tempting.... but the last 2 hundreds were not good showings for me.

So it is just get back to the miles for me. Once the summer humidity breaks, I get fired up to compete. Hence the base training.

And..... I might be changing the title of this random blog to somehting a little more appropriate to where I am right now.

Great job to all who ran Voyageur last weekend. Looks like the Matt's took the year off.


Julie said...

Welcome back Matt! So wonderful to hear that you are still alive:)

Congrats on the new job! You are traveling to all sorts of awesome cities...very cool! Also, way to get some training in:) Forty miles is pretty darn good!

SteveQ said...

50th anniversary! Hope there were lots of photos; the only photos I have of some relatives came from 50th anniversaries [btw, you're getting in a lot more miles than I am.]

Anonymous said...

Fellow Minnesotan here. I'm also being tempted by the Ozark 100.

Anonymous said...


Ran Voyageur kind of conservative the first half. It was not what I considered to be easy. Was there in 4:18 at the turn and against good judgement I took off and caught like 20 people to get near 10th over all. I made some poor decisions and greatly paid for it. With 15.5 to go I started to struggle badly, crashed and fell in the power lines, and lagged the last 15.5 in 3:55. Ouch. Nothing was working...and you all know what that is like.

However, I truly loved the event and want to go back and run better. I met a few people, even Helen and Val.

Bunk told me he always ran Voyageur because it humbled him. It made him see that other 50 milers are just that...50 milers. I took a severe ass whipping, but it was worth it.

Paint King

Helen said...

Nice region you got there Matt!! I will be running in the Marin Headlands next Thurs/Fri and then Sat pacing Alicia at the Headlands 100M - in case you are in the area!

Voyageur was a blast - we missed ya! But you were talked about :)

Matt Long was there crewing for Dawn. He couldn't run without the Matt competition.

keith said...

What days are you in Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Me again. Matt, how about you and I go together? Are you looking for a partner to travel to Ozark with?