Monday, August 2, 2010

You might have a running problem if....... get to your hotel room, look out the window, see this view, and think

"I wonder if I am allowed to run across that bridge?"

So I actually Googles "Can I run across the Oakland Bay Bridge?"

I guess I am not the first to ask the question. Unfortunately, as of now, the answer is no. But they are rebuilding it and adding a pedestrian/bike access side. How cool would that be? Run into San Fran from Oakland?

I would just have to put aside the horrible memories of the Northridge earthquake and just get high above the bay and enjoy it.

I did find out I can run across the Golden Gate Bridge for free..... but I am not sure I will have time to make that trek.

So this blog might turn into my stupid adventures of which city I am in, and which run I am trying to complete.

This week I will probably make it up to the Oakland Hills. There are some nice trails up there.

But it is a full week of learning about the new job and company. I get to do some cool stuff this week.

Another lame, rambling, post.

But I did run 48 miles last week.


wildknits said...

Heck - almost more miles than me and I ran a 50 mile race! ;->

Seriously, with all that you have had going on it is great to hear the spark back in your "voice" about running.

Not into a bandit run across any bridges, eh? Rumour has it someone was running across the Blatnik Bridge (aka High bridge) between Duluth and Superior not too long ago. Yeah - no pedestrian access on that one - unlike the Bong Bridge to the south (or is that west?).

SteveQ said...

You got twice my mileage this week. I like running on railroad trestle bridges, though the movie "Stand By Me" keeps popping into my head (as does the Colonel Bogey march).

Adam said...

It's well worth crossing the golden gate if you get the chance. I rented a bike a couple of years ago when I was there and rode it, and it was a lot of fun.

Julie said...

Hi Matt,
I would of loved to have time to run across the Golden Gate bridge too:) When you are playing musical states and are running in different and cool new places...please remember to take lots of pictures!

I think you had a great week with good miles! You did better than me:)

Take care Matt!

Helen said...

I ran under the Golden Gate bridge a few times this weekend!! There was an AS for Headlands right under the north end below Vista Point!

Great city - think I'll need to make another trip to the Marin Headlands in the fall for some Hellgate training!

And I found a very nicevPeet's coffee in Berkeley - that's where it started right?