Friday, June 18, 2010

I am that tough

Okay.... call it "I am that stupid" or... "should have paid attention during physics/engineering class"

Yesterday I was busting out a metcon, and on the second rep of pull ups, I tore the bar out of the lam beam.

It was a near disaster, buy I escaped with a minor bruise (and a failed workout).

I guess 2" screws on flanges are not sufficient to hold a 175.... 185 pound man in a kipping pull up.

I call it bad ass, but most would call it stupid engineering.

Thought I would share.


SteveQ said...

I'd blame the beam, not the screws. Nothing beats a good screw.

Londell said...

Did something similar in the past. Bummer but hey, what a memory...

Julie said...

Hi Matt,
OMG, thank goodness that you are okay! If it makes you feel better I hated Physics too:) It was the hardest class that I ever took!

I actually pondered on doing the Afton trail run that you were talking about. I think that I will save that one for next year:) If there are any more trail runs later in the fall let me know:) I would like to hear more about your big Superior ultra that you have coming up. No, I am no way in hell thinking about doing it! I am just curious:)

Thanks for leaving me a comment...I was wondering how things were going. Glad that you are back in Blogland again:) Take care!

Helen said...

Well at least you didn't pull your house down - I am pretty sure that's what happened to Kevin G never mind a tornado - he was doing pull ups on that tree.