Friday, June 25, 2010

Direction of the blog

Now that I have taken a few steps back to relax and live a somewhat normal life, I have been wondering what direction to take this blog.

It started as a forum on what I was doing on a leave of absence from work (it wasn't google blogger back then... comcast).

It turned into a running blog. Then the "road to 100", documenting the process I went through to finish my first 100.

I was told to keep posting, so it became anything to do with running.

The title "A Guy Who Runs" is on purpose. I am an average guy who was never an elite runner. I didn't run track or XC in high school or college. I have been a recreational runner for almost 30 years.

That is still kind of the theme, but since I have nothing on the schedule, I am at a loss for things to blab endlessly about.

So... since all of who are the ones who read this, what do you want to see? I have some ideas which I find interesting, but probably only me. Although, my attitude has always been "If I think it is interesting, somebody might also find it interesting".

So...... here is your chance for input.


SteveQ said...

I am amazed at the crap people actually read on my blog. Trust me: write whatever you want to write. (I have to check - is the homebrew blog still going?)

Psyche said...

I read your blog because it is YOU that writes it!

Write what you like, I'll find it interesting and keep reading:)

Julie said...

Hi Matt,
I agree with Steve and Psyche...I really don't care what you write about:) I think that you are funny and your posts are usually upbeat and fun! You could write about anything and I would still visit your blog:)

I can't wait to read your race report for Afton:) Do me a favor and take pictures! I hope that you have an excellent weekend!

Helen said...

What they said.

And even when you're not upbeat, or maybe particularly when you're not upbeat, it's all good. As for specific material - I personally would love to hear more about sailing - I've only been on a sail boat a handful of times but think it's something I'll do more of some day. If I ever get tired of running...

wildknits said...

Seconding all comments so far.

Would love to hear your homebrewing and sailing experiences(interests in our household - may even get Mr. Wildknits reading blogs ;-> ).

Nolan said...

Write whatever you want. It's yours! You are a guy who runs but undoubtedly running is not who you are. It's not the only thing that makes you who you are.... It sounds like we'd all love to hear what you have to say no matter what it pertains to. I for one will stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

Matt, I check your blog almost daily; for the same reasons mentioned. I don't blog because I'm too lazy and would tire of having to come up with material. I also enjoy the traffic you get. You get a fair amount of comments and I enjoy those as well.

I like reading training and racing dialouge. Fair amount of smack which is entertaining. I also like a couple post per week, (understand down times) which I have lost interest in blogs that post 1-3 times a month. Not many bloggers pull 10 comments + as often as you do, which indicates a great following.

So continue to walk the earth. "Your the life of the party, without even being there."