Monday, July 20, 2009

Power Lines it is

In 2002, I was looking for a marathon to run and almost signed up for the Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile. I had this ignorant attitude of "forget the marathon.... this sounds like a real challenge".

I am glad I did not. I probably would have killed my desire to do Ultras.

Now, with a good year, and what looks like to be a cool forecast, I am finally signed up for it.

I am really not expecting much, just to get out and do my best for what this 50 miler has to offer. There are a lot of fast runners signed up, so it should be a fun time.

I am using this as a tune up race, so if I don't do great, at least it counts as a long run.


And on the work note, Dallas has nothing to do with the job. It is not based there, the company is not based there, and I won't be going there. It was just a convenient location for the two I had to meet.

I won't name the company for fear on jinxing it. One never knows with google alerts. I have not even received the official deal for me to sign.


Hey Brother Grub.... it's you vs. me on those power lines.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

When is Voyageur? Guess I could go look myself . . .

nwgdc said...

New Job = Liaison between Tony Romo and his new Girlfriend, Kate Gosselin.

I knew it.

Helen said...

Yeah - glad you signed up!! Will be a fun day. Esp if the weather stays like this... not good for summer but great for summer races.

brothergrub said...

A duel!?!!? Hope I don't disappoint you! Might want to set your sights a little higher? Looking forward to seeing you and rest of the Minnesota crowd anyway - Angela B., Julie T., and Jeff M. (and myself) are all heading up friday to represent the LPTRunners... (Mostly at Fritger's Brewery I expect! )
See you there!

SteveQ said...

Welcome to the party! If it isn't raining, you may have picked the perfect year for weather on that course (with your luck this year with weather, sign up for all my races!)

Dave said...

Hi Matt ... glad to hear that all is going well in the world with running and the job. I think I told you I moved to Pittsburgh for the year to pursue a fellowship (subspecialisation) in anaesthesia. Wow is it hilly here! I have managed to find plenty of off-road trails- but no trail runners. I am still on the lookout. I am going to run Grindstone 100 in October and then Hellgate in December. Looking forward to seeing you next May at Ice Age.

Wayne said...

Good news, Matt. I'll see you there. At the first/last aid station!

nwgdc said...

Figures...Glaven leaves a nice comment and you pick up the slack and be a d*ck.
Try and keep up with Helen this weekend.

Have a blast!