Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun....... Even after someone loses an eye

That is what I would describe a Fat Ass run when John Storkamp is organizing. I was sure at points in this run that someone would lose an eye. It would be fun even if that happened.

Here is a course description of yesterday's run

> Branches which will cause sunk in chest wounds
> Sticks which will poke your eyes out
> Going straight up an down "deer trails"
> Dirt Skiing down mountains
> Logs to run across (remember that scene in Stripes?)
> Rocks to climb up

and I go on...

I arrived at Afton on Saturday morning at 6am, hoping to get a hard loop in before the group run. I was supposed to meet someone, but he had his panties on instead and decided to sleep in.

I say Pierre head off with John into the dark in a pick up truck. I reminded me of how one would see two kids leave the house late at night, knowing they would be up to no good. These 2 are bad asses... they don't like to do things the easy or sane way.

Mr. sleepy head did not show, so I headed out to PR the loop. I did! I nailed a 2:18, my best by 3 minutes. I also was fine at the end. No crash and burn.

The fast ass run was a blast. Thanks to:

Kurt (the other Kurt)

and base camp of Tom and Nancy.

All I can say about that run is........ 4 hours of "where the hell are we?"

John had a bright idea at the end on the beach. He strategically placed a milk carton anchored 30-40 yards off shore, sitting as a buoy. "Whoever gets it first gets a free entry to Afton and Chippewa"

Let me clarify something. On my morning loop, I saw significant ice on the river. It had melted by then, but damn!

I looked out at that buoy, and figured you had to be nuts.

Helen took no coaxing. I figured none of us could beat her anyhow, so might as well not subject myself to hypothermia.

Maynard jumped the gun and went for it. 3/4 of the out, he paused realizing he could not get the jug without fully being immersed in the icy water. Helen pounced forward and got it.

Kudos to Pierre, Karen, and Val for getting wet.

Swimming in ice water is where I draw the line.

All in all a great day.

55 miles this week. I might get out for 6 today to make it 61. I don't plan on maintaining that level, but somehow I got it in this week.

Hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for the great community of runners, at all levels, who challenge each other and stick together.


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

This dangerous sounding run is the run you invited me to for a first attempt at trail running?!

I actually tried some trails on the North Shore this weekend and survived. It was super fun!

Helen said...

I guess I'll let you off the hook for not jumping in the water having ran a hard loop earlier... your brain was already fried. No need to freeze it too, right?!

What a fun time out there.

SteveQ said...

Maybe it's good I didn't go - who would've dragged my body out of the river?