Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another PR falls

I was lucky enough to get out to Afton this morning to put my "healed" knees to the test. It was very last minute, and the Mrs. even suggested I go out for a long run. What a great wife.

I decided I would go for the 1 25k loop kind of hard, and see if I could pr without going all out. I did not want to go all out, because I did not think I would hold up. My longest run since September 6th has been 12 miles, so a hard 15.5 might not work out too well.

I started at 6:40 hoping I would be able to return to the parking lot and catch some runners at 9.

I picked up the pace halfway in, as I realized it would be close to my pr. I decided about 1/2 hour into the run that I would attempt to do the entire loop with the two bottles of water I had, and nothing else. No S-caps, no hammer gel, no crack bloks, no food.

I am still testing a low carb diet and how one can run on it (it is not the Paleo diet). I had a 3 egg omelette with cheese. Never done that before!

I knew by the snowshoe loop that it would be down to the wire. So I pushed it hard to the end (having to walk part of the last hill).

I cam in at..... 2:21:50, my pr by exactly one minute.

I did this with 40 ounces of water, and nothing else. Normally I would suck down close to 100 ounces for the same course in the summer, with 4-5 s-caps and some gel.

Carbs are overrated.

I arrived at the parking lot to see Alicia, Tom, and Nancy. I ran another 5 with them, enjoying their company. It is fun to hear Tom's running stories (as well as Nancy's and Alicia's).

So it was a banner day. I am still in decent shape, and wrapped up a 55 mile week.

I deciphered a certain crossword puzzle, so I will be back to Afton soon. And for those of you who know of what I speak, that document is why I will never run Arrowhead. It causes brain damage.

Oh yeah, just checked on Helen at Ironman. She is at a sub 9 minute pace 12 miles in. (that is after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112, both of which she did damn fast!).

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SteveQ said...

That wordsearch had "sex" way too often for coincidence. I might make an appearance at Afton.