Friday, February 29, 2008

Slow go

It's been just slow running this week.

Only 7 miles per day with missing Tuesday. The knee started acting up at mile seven on the treadmill, but not out on the road.

Hoping to do 20 tomorrow at Red Rock (Richard Dean Anderson) or Afton.

It might take 4-5 hours at this pace, but it sure is relaxing.

I know Adam is doing 2 hours at RTA, but I can't run his pace right now.

Anybody for some distance at Afton?

Long run plan for March

20 tomorrow
20 next Sat
50k test at Chippewa on March 22nd with Adam and "the gang" (I guess whoever shows up)

Another 20 - 25 on the 29th, and then Chippewa in April.

I plan to keep it low hr until race day, then flip on the light switch to put my Aerobic Capacity to the test.

Anybody game?

1 comment:

keith said...

I'll go slow with you if you'd like. I'll be at afton tomorrow. What time were you planning on going?