Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

As most people commit to their new years' resolutions, I will commit to my curmudgen response. "Why commit to something in the new year when you can commit to it all year long?"

My wife and I rarely celebrate valentines's day as well. Aside from it being a manufactured holiday, valentine's happens in my house year round.

One does not only need a race to hget in shape for. Somwtimes being in shape is enough for to feed the soul.

If you made a new years resolution to get in shape or lose weight, I ask you this....
"What was stopping you before?"


martykc said...

Went to the fitness center at work the other day..... Saw 8 or 10 faces that hadn't been there before. I guess if what it takes is the roll-over of the calendar, so be it.

But you are right, you need to COMMIT to it, its gotta stick, ALL the time. Buying the gym membership, or the new piece of equipment isn't the END, its the BEGINNING. You still gotta do it. And, in my opinion you gotta learn to LIKE it, or you'll never stick with it. What is it, 6 weeks to form a new habit? Hope they are all still there in March.

Happy new year Matt.

Toby, the P90X guy said...

That's the trouble with the whole new year thing. People sign up to annual gym memberships, just because they stuffed themselves over Christmas. The real problem is the fact that they don't adopt a workout that they are willing to do all year round (as martykc says). I guess one good thing about new year, is it gets people exercising during the winter.