Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Since my last post, I was lucky enough to take my awesome wife on a 7 night cruise to the Caribbean. What a blast. If I decide to put the effort behind it, I might even post some pictures.

Perhaps the second funniest thing I saw on the trip was a preponderance of "Meatheads".

I have a customer who is a pretty good athlete, and he calls a certain type of "gym dude" a "meathead".

Definition -
Meathead - One who lacks fitness, has tons of body fat, and still thinks he is in high school. He shows his manliness by how much he can lift on a machine......... a couple of times.

.....So... the "fitness center" on the Celebrity Eclipse, while pretty good, was comical. It had many meatheads.

The treadmills had a 20 minute limit on them..... okay..... what is the point.... got it..

So I was on the treadmill, violating the rules, on my second 20 minute workout. To get in a decent workout, I decided to run "fast". By the way, 9-10 minute miles on a treadmill on a boat with serious pitching and rolling is not easy.

In comes meathead A. He starts running, and is done after 5 minutes. I had the feeling he was trying to run my speed, and decided not to quickly. Maybe not.

Anyway, after 5 minutes he was done on the "mill". I saw he shortly after.... correction... I HEARD him shortly after doing something with a huge barbell. He would do a couple of reps with some big yells and then walk around flexing. I almost asked him, "hey, where's the beach?" but thought he might figure out I was mocking him.

I actually heard him say "this boat needs a bench press". This guy had a huge gut. I thought of saying, "you know, pushups are like upside-down presses, but better", but I don't think he had the IQ to process such a complicated statement.

I got me thinking {yes, I know my grammar is horrible today... bear with me}.. thinking "what a perfect display of raw power vs. fitness".

I could take this guy in push ups, sit ups, body weight squats, any aerobic or metabolic workout. But he could press a larger amount of weight than I could.

All I could think of was "what a meathead"

Sad part about the whole scene, if it came down to a challenge, I bet you anything that this guy puts more value into power press weight than how many push ups he could do.

Hows that for a post... FINALLY!


Double said...

Post of the year! One of my best friends in college was a legendary meathead. A fight broke out at the bar and he walked out and uttered the funniest line of all time. Signaling all comers he shouted, "All right, big guys in twos...little guys in bunches."

Helen said...

I am commenting purely out of habit. I have nothing useful to add. Then again, there was nothing particularly useful about this post. Pictures would help. Of the meatheads of course!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I definitely can relate, I am a runner and I always see these meatheads hating on me at the gym because even if they can lift more or whatever they can never run a long distance or as fast and easily like me, not even if their lives depend on it haha. A couple weeks ago, this douchebag hoped on the treadmill next to me and tried to run my speed and gave up after 4 and a half minutes. Then i noticed he kept eyeing me for the rest of my run, and showed up the next day in an " I hate running" T shirt......meathads