Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brew Pictures


33 LBS of mash

The Boys Blowing off Krausen

And I was ridiculed for not running this weekend


wildknits said...

Looks good! Brewing in the garage?

Anonymous said...


i gotta introduce you to my ultra friends, Bill and Kelly. They homebrew and have a keg hooked to a tap in the kitchen. They had a party for the gang with about 20 types of Beer.

Karen S

SteveQ said...

Instead of bringing brew to Zumbro, maybe you should pack that rocking chair and wheelbarrow - they could come in handy!

Carilyn said...

Hi Matt,

I still remember our conversation about your brewing at KM 100. Glad to see you are still at it! You look like quite the expert - very cool!

I briefly toyed with adding KM 100 to my schedule (to get revenge for my DNF :) but couldn't justify the trip. Hopefully, I will make it out tho the beautiful Midwest again soon.