Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing to lose

..... Except my manhood, self respect, and bragging rights.

Aside from that, I am approaching Saturday with nothing to lose.

After I finished Ice Age last year, it was the first time ever in a race where I thought, "Darn, I ran too conservative".

So I am putting the cards on the table Saturday, and I am not worried about a crash and burn. I crashed and burned 2 out of 3 Ice Ages, so even if that happens, I still have a chance at a pr. I know, it sounds strange.

Down in Sconnie land now for work. Fratenized with the enemies last night. A simple 40 minute run last night where Double and I preached to Brothergrub. Next time we will try shock treatment.

Beautiful evening in So Wisco last night, and the Lapham campfire was a perfect finish, along with the Lapham Peak Brewing Company's beer.

We all watched as Joel decided to burn all of his awards from running (pulled the medallions off) and burned the plaques. Upon further review, I found these were all awards from beauty pageants, and synchronized swimming. I would burn those too.


So a rare declaration of my goals for Saturday

#1 - PR (8:41)
#2 - Break 8 hours (not likely)
#3 - Defend my age class title (really not likely)
#3 - Don't get chicked by Crawford (really, really not likely)
#4 - Not to wake up Saturday morning with my hand in a warm bucket of water
#5 - Beat all of the Lapham runners
#6 - Win the thing and go to Western States.
#7 - Set a course record
#8 - Set an American record for 50 Mile
#9 - Beat Zach Pierce

That should do it.


Zach said...

In ascending order of difficulty of course :D

Adam said...

Hilarious! Have a good time this weekend.


Helen said...

Good Luck!

SteveQ said...

Show them Sconnies how it's done! (the bucket of warm water, I mean)

NJ said...

Good luck!

I just read that link you have on the right "you know you're an ultra runner if..." Some are pretty funny. I may not be quite there yet on many of them, but I'm hoping my race schedule starts to resemble yours within a few years.

chris mcpeake said...

Have a great race.I find the could crash and burn approach always works best

Steve said...

Have fun, Matt and give my best to Brother Grub and the rest of the LPTR gang!!

Bill P. said...

I've contacted the designated course hecklers and the "special" aid station food and beverages for the Sconnies as requested. Still working on the kidnapping of the confusion corner guy and the plane to seed to clouds for "just a bit" more rain than a couple years ago.

Julie said...

WTH Matt! You have another one so soon!?! Good luck to you:)

Julie said...

WTH Matt! You have another one so soon!?! Good luck to you:)

Dave said...

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning and hope that you are not wearing a skirt in the afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Pack a lunch.


Anonymous said...

HA! I think you will NOT get chicked by Crawford. Not this year anyway. Please feel free to come to my place after the run/awards for lots of food and beer.


Psyche said...

Good luck Matt, and have fun with the shenanigans!
Can't wait to hear about it:)

Anonymous said...

I still think you should buy a badass kilt and wear it FOR the race, instead of being forced into it after bonking terribly at 40 miles and stumbling home in 9 hours. Just kidding, I predict 8:20 for a PR.

Matthew Patten said...

Almost forgot.

# 7 1/2 - Beat Dave Ruttum :)

SteveQ said...

Just saw the results. At least you were ahead of Alicia Hudleson (and of course Zach).