Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying to get back on the wagon

I hit the perfect storm.

Lots of work, extensive travel, family stuff, eating like crap, and sick. Running is the last thing on my mind, and I don't care.

I need the time off. At least to rebuild mentally.

One of the harder things about training for ultras is not the long runs. It is the daily 8-10 milers at an easy pace. I made them a daily ritual, and it paid off.

I have basically been doing that for about 11 months now, and I am ready for a break.

I will probably start up with something November 1st. I have some ideas for competition between me and some of those of you who read this. All for fun, but more importantly to keep me going.

Stay tuned


Londell said...

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Family, and all, why not just wait til January 1 and do other activities until then? You have worked hard and new job and all, a break will do you good... I was anxious to get back but have just realized it will be longer than I thought and when I quit stressing, life has been good. You have so much on the plate so I know I think you deserve some brew time!

Get Primal said...

I'm in for any challenge as long as it doesn't require me to run more than 20 miles a week.

Andrew said...

A well deserved break at that - enjoy.

Count me in as long as it doesn't require more than 20 of any particular exercise.

nwgdc said...

I completely understand how you're feeling. I really don't care at all for the daily running. Especially when it's early in the morning and it's pitch black out (like right now). But a couple times a week, on trails, for an hour? Absolutely.
I'm up for anything, as long as after I beat you, you give me home brew.

Wayne said...

I've been daydreaming about beating you at surf the murph but didn't want to mention it until registration was closed. :) Enjoy your down time.

SteveQ said...

Finishing Kettle, getting a shower, two meals and 8 hours of sleep before I came in wasn't enough?

You're right about the medium-length runs. Once I started racing every weekend, they disappeared and my year went to pieces.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Are you gonna let non-trail, non-ultra runners in on the contest? Or maybe this is your way to convert us to The Dark Side?

Enjoy your down time.

Helen said...

Looking forward to the details... would like avoid anything that involves freezing cold water - once was enough!! In the meantime - breaks are good - not worth getting injured for but looking back on the last month it was kind of refreshing not to have to worry about running!

Anonymous said...

I am almost over my IT band issues and running 2x week....Doing a little housekeeping of mind and body can go a long ways..stew

Zach said...

I've cut back, and take days off when I feel like it, but no extended breaks for me. If I don't get out over lunch, I go crazy in my cube and drag all afternoon. For me, the daily runs ARE the break :)