Sunday, January 25, 2009

Closed the deal

Got my wife to agree to the 2009 race schedule, so Kettle and Ice Age here I come.

I plan on running them hard this year. I am putting the pieces together now to be able to race these instead of running them. Not sure if there will be any difference in the end results, though.

Chippewa will be a good tune up race for Ice Age. (that's if I end up running it instead of helping....)

Larry's Zumbro 100 sounds like good prep, but knowing Larry it could be a "come to Jesus" race. By this, I mean you end up somewhere in the race, on your knees, praying to god to get you out there. Not sure if I want to open the season that way.

But, it would be a great way to get the legs ready for the following races.

So, not only am I going to return to Kettle, my goal is to crush it.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

A man with a plan! Excellent news.

Julie B said...

Matt, you will be fine at Kettle and will be able to crush it. After finishing Superior 100, (most) everything will seem less difficult. You won't be out there for 33 hours, for one thing. You now know that you can stay awake and moving for 102.5 miles. I suppose the heat is the only variable. You'll be fine. Crush On :)